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We’re Chris and Rebecca of Florida Pure Air and Water. For over 30 years we have searched for the most effective water purifiers and air purifiers available. Jesus said seek and you will find and this is so true!

After 30 years we have narrowed down our search to just the products that produce the desired results we were looking for. For example, water purifiers should remove bad taste, chemicals, bacteria and viruses. Air purifiers should remove the dust, pollen, bacteria, mold, viruses and bad odors. 

So we decided to use our experience to offer the most effective products we've found so you can experience the results you're looking for. 

The heart of our mission is to help local single mothers in need with everyday necessities and help families in developing countries and disaster zones have safe, good tasting water. 


Visit for more information. Every purchase you make blesses others as well as yourself!

Chris and Rebecca