Why Probiotics?

A Natural Approach to Destroying Harmful Mold, Bacteria & Viruses

NewGen Biotic Mist is a Unique and Powerful tool to let you control the Micro-Biome in which we all live.


Proven in a number of countries, used in hospitals and military bases, NewGen Biotics Mist lets you easily and economically reach every corner of your facilities and home with the protection and ability to control odors, mold, dirt and greatly lower the risk of infection.


Chemical-Free, NewGen Biotics Mist are incredably powerful stabilized probiotics that work down to the microscopic level. The probiotic mist continues to protect for days after each application. 

Most air "purifiers," and disinfectants kill everything

Think "antiboitic." Antibiotics are indescriminant when it comes to what they kill. The body's natural defense system becomes weakened by overuse of antibiotics and many doctors now recommend probiotics to counteract the effects of antibiotics. Due to the overuse of antibiotics, there are now super strains of viruses that have developed resistance to antibiotics and disinfectants. 

Killing everything is NOT the solution

UV lights, air purifiers and disinfectants. will kill viruses, bacteria and mold, but they also kill off the beneficial bacteria naturally present in the air and on our bodies. One of the results of this is what is called "sick buildings."

There is an effective natural solution...

NewGen Biotics Mist harnesses the natural power of probiotics to target even the hardest to reach areas in your home, office and work areas. Allergens, dust mites, viruses, unwanted organisms and other harmful contaminants are removed and replaced by a long-lasting protective layer of NewGen Biotics Mist. The probiotics have shown to deconstruct the bio-film that keeps viruses alive and traps dirt and contaminants. The beneficial stabilized non-GMO organic based probiotics create a safe, stable environment that is naturally free of odors while reducing the exposure to allergens and pathogens.

Simply apply by spray through our personal atomizer or air duct delivery through the NG 5000 purification unit for your home or business.


For personal use, the NewGen Mini Mist Personal Air Purifier can go anywhere you go and is completely safe for skin application for sores, cuts and scrapes.  NewGen probiotics can also be used as a direct spray on pets for allergies, infections and skin injury relief too. 

  • Eliminates Odors - deconstructs & removes the source of odors

  • Removes dust mites, allergens, irritants and other contaminants

  • Deconstructs the bio-film that keeps viruses alive and traps Dirt and Contaminants

  • Works & protects down to the microscopic surface level

  • Keeps working, cleaning & protecting and helps fight mold and mildew

  • Creates a powerful protective layer of beneficial probiotic mist

  • Targets, covers & protects all normally hard-to-reach surfaces  

  • Safe, chemical-free, 100% non-GMO organic beneficial probiotics

  • Hypoallergenic – scent-free and colorant-free

A Clean Environment

Use on Hard Surfaces:

Air Ducts and Vents


Grocery Carts

Trash Cans


Household & Office Surfaces

Use on Soft Surfaces:





Stuffed Toys


Gym Bag/Luggage

Safe for SKIN application to fight harmful bacteria in sores, cuts and scrapes.

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All bacteria used in NewGen Biotic Mist products are beneficial bacteria and originate from the natural environment. “NON-GMO” - No strains have been genetically altered in any way.  All species are defined as “Class 1”, the lowest risk category, according to all International classification schemes, and none are considered pathogenic, nor ‘hazardous’, according to Council Directive 2000/54/EC.

Links articles about using probiotics for surface and air purification:



Ecological Information:

All NewGen Biotic Bacteria used are approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials for ingestion - and are all organisms that are all listed in the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) published list of microorganisms considered safe to use in food for both humans and animals.

The product is 100% Biodegradable per OECD standards.


The NewGen Biotic Mist formulation has proven to be totally safe in every test over the years and it has been the base product in Green Seal Certified Products, it has been tested and approved by NSF, the inspections for its certification have been carried out by ISO, it conforms to all requirements of the EPA and FDA and is filled in an FDA Licensed Facility, it also meets EcoLabel requirements, Complies with OSHA 29 CFR XVII-1910. 1200 Section (I) and Contains no hazardous components. As noted above, it is considered safe to use in food for both humans and animals by the European Food Safety Authority and by the Association of American Feed Control Officials for ingestion or Skin Surface application.

Further, the product has been approved for use on Organic Animals and Farming by the Global Organic Alliance in the USA, and by the Canadian Organic Standards, as well as by Certified Organic Association of BCARA Organic Certification Committee of Canada, and is certified by the Green Clean Institute.


Safe for all humans, animals, birds, fish and other life forms.

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