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Directly delivers probiotics into the air ducts in your home, office and other large spaces. Easily attaches to the ductwork sending probiotics at regular intervals to purifiy the air and surfaces throughout all your living and working spaces.  


One NG-5000 is suitable for a home or office space of up to 5000 sq. feet. Multiple units may be needed for larger spaces. Call for volume discount.


Your NG-5000 comes with a 6 month supply of probiotics. Get on our 6 month replacement probiotic auto-ship program and receive your probiotics just when you're ready for a new bottle. Your NG-5000 is warranteed for life when you continue to purchase the NewGen probiotics on our convenient auto-ship program.

NewGen Probiotic High Capacity Air Purifier - CALL FOR PRICING -

SKU: 0010
  • Package includes:

    • Probiotic Air Purifier
    • 6 month supply of probiotics
    • Insertion tube for ductwork